Atlanta, GA – April 27, 2020  – TruckIT, a leading construction technology firm specializing in dispatching and electronic ticketing solutions, has launched a comprehensive upgrade to its technology suite. The UI/UX redesign of the Web Portal and Mobile App contains several enhancements and new features, including TruckIT’s paperless ticketing system with mobile capability for DOT inspectors.

New software built for the heavy civil supply chain

TruckIT’s team identified several opportunities for product improvement during ongoing customer conversations. “We pride ourselves on remaining customer-centric,” says Yogi Patel, PhD – VP of Technology at TruckIT. “User feedback carries incredible influence and weight, especially when it comes to critical product improvements such as the Web and Mobile App experience.”

The new Web Portal and Mobile App were built to mirror the same design and feature capabilities, allowing users to operate them interchangeably in the office or on the job. Additionally, the new TruckIT platform is a more intuitive tool to navigate. Highlights include:

  • Simplified Dispatch Workflows: Drag-and-drop capabilities for easy truck assignment and fleet management. Built to deliver critical data to dispatchers to fill orders quickly with available drivers.
  • Unified Mobile App and Redesign: The only mobile app in the industry covering every stakeholder in the hauling supply chain (driver, dispatcher, contractor, and DOT inspector). The Mobile App includes the full capabilities of the Web Portal, such as easy dispatching directly for your mobile device. 
  • Centralized Project Reporting and Analytics: All reporting and detailed summaries stay in one place. Access DOT Daily Report Summaries and Bid Item Summaries, export job data, and view project performance within your secure profile 24/7.
  • Enhanced Load Material Monitoring: Understand material delivery logistics with real-time driver activity, turn time ETAs, and material tracking for delivery and pickup insights.

The new platform includes TruckIT’s DOT compliant E-Ticketing solution, a frontrunner in the digital advancement of material delivery logistics and safety. It operates as a fully automated electronic ticketing system, eliminating the complications of paper ticket handling for every role in the hauling supply chain – drivers, scalehouse operators, foremen, DOT inspectors and back office personnel. 

AirTicketTM, an add-on component of TruckIT’s E-Ticketing software, easily integrates directly with any existing scalehouse system. The technology provides instant access to securely stored ticket data for all personnel involved, while allowing drivers to remain in the comfort of their cabs. 

Not only does TruckIT’s cloud-based platform adhere to job safety, it guarantees complete data protection, a concern many industry leaders have while adopting new technologies.

“Change is inevitable as we start to see the positive impact from easy-to-use E-Construction tools throughout our industry,” explains Pace Davis, CEO at TruckIT.  “Our new technology suite represents this simplicity, but it was also built to ensure the protection of user data. We believe data privacy is a critical component of technology advancement for heavy construction. With data security at the forefront of development, our team has gone to great lengths to provide a secure and trustworthy platform.”

TruckIT’s simplified, secure dispatch and E-Ticketing solutions are beneficial at every stage in the material logistics supply chain. Sign up today at

TruckIT’s Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and via TruckIT’s website. Download the app at


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