As material delivery and logistics remain essential, safety continues to be the number one priority throughout the heavy civil supply chain – particularly when it comes to the in-person handling of paper tickets for construction material. Many material producers are taking steps to transition their scalehouse operations to E-Ticketing. Due to the related safety concerns with COVID-19, State DOTs are introducing specific E-Ticketing guidelines with a greater sense of urgency. In turn, these regulations are providing a clear path for Contractors to implement an electronic ticketing platform.

Going digital has obvious safety benefits by reducing in-person interaction and transfer of paper tickets, but it also presents a huge opportunity to evaluate and improve upon overall productivity of day-to-day material delivery. Is there concrete evidence that an E-Ticketing system offers long term value beyond improved safety? 

AirTicketTM technology, an add-on feature of TruckIT’s E-Ticketing solution, is installed at the scalehouse and sends securely stored digital ticket data to all personnel involved in the material delivery process. 

TruckIT’s Data Science Team has thoroughly analyzed AirTicketTM data in Florida over a 66 day period from February 3 to April 19. The data set covers 1,043 unique trucks on 440 projects, within 18 quarries across the sunshine state.

Here are the preliminary results of our findings:  

This First Graph illustrates the average length of a workday for a dump truck driver from when they are first weighed on a scale to when they drop-off their last load of the day. It clearly shows an increase in the length of the average day between the two periods. 

Many in the industry wouldn’t be surprised by a graph like this. Construction usually picks up as Winter ends and Spring brings warmer and longer days. Spring started on March 19 – three days after many states closed all but essential industries. So here’s business as usual for dump truck drivers and contractors.

Chart showing average length of a work day climbing from 200 to 250 minutes post COVID-19
Chart showing average length of a work day climbing post COVID-19

Fortunately, there was no reduction in workload during this time. With longer days and the disappearance of rush hour traffic, dump truck drivers can also deliver more loads.

Graph Number Two compares the number of tickets per truck each day averaged over the week. AirTicketTM data reflects an increase of half a ticket per day from the pre-COVID-19 period to the present. This resulted in greater yield for contractors and more money for carriers and dump truck drivers.

COVID Graphs (5)

The Last Graph illustrates the average turn-time for each ticket after AirTicketTM technology was installed at the scalehouse. Traditionally, the ticket collection process requires drivers to exit their vehicles and interact with the scalehouse clerk to receive their load tickets. These additional steps often create bottlenecks at the scalehouse, leading to increased wait times and delayed projects.

After implementing an E-Ticketing system, the improved efficiency is undeniable. In fact, AirTicketTM data shows the average turn-time during COVID-19 is 9 minutes faster.

COVID Graphs (6)

This may seem minimal, but with a full day’s work, it adds up. With AirTicketTM, the driver never leaves the safety of their cab. Digital ticket data is transmitted to the TruckIT Mobile App and secured in the cloud for easy access and reconciliation. Utilizing an electronic ticketing system is not only safer, it allows drivers to move more material at a faster rate. 


Yes, there are longer days, and less traffic – drivers collecting more tickets in less time is implied. However, the focal point here is the added value across the Heavy Civil Supply Chain due to an electronic ticketing system managing the ticket exchange. 

Scalehouse operations are more efficient. Contractors and drivers avoid delays with paper ticket exchanges at the jobsite. Back-office personnel have instant access to stored digital ticket data for easy work verification, payment, and ticket reconciliation. All personnel involved can perform their role efficiently while staying in a safe environment.

The ticket delivery method is becoming just as important as the ticket collection itself. TruckIT is offering our E-Ticketing solution for FREE during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep construction personnel safe and keep projects on schedule.


About AirTicketTM

AirTicketTM is TruckIT’s advanced digital ticketing technology that easily integrates with existing scalehouse systems with no hardwiring needed. By sending ticket data directly to the cloud, all personnel involved – DOT inspectors, foremen, drivers and contractors – can easily access digital tickets from a secure portal or mobile app. Drivers can remain in the safety of their vehicle and leave the quarry quicker.

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